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I am a cradle Roman Catholic, that always had the knowledge of God. I, however, did not have a relationship with him and thus, was empty inside. Now through asking him to come into my life and going to prayer groups etc., I have had a renewal in my faith. Protestants may call it being "born-again". I now find what I thought was a BORING Mass to be the ultimate enjoyable experience that brings me closest to our Lord....besides of course Eucharistic Adoration, which is awe inspiring. The Church Fathers took me deeper into my faith which is when I came back completely-like a boomerang, thus my blog title. I understand why I am a Catholic/Christian. It is not just a religion. It IS God, it IS love. I might not be an English scholar and you might edit me in your head. But, I do have something to share and I hope you will join me on the journey and maybe discover something new to think about. Blessings+

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My misunderstood faith family

Tonight I was at prayer group. It is a Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group. Definitely not a well understood gathering, by many people I know, including other Catholics. This is sad, but, I can't blame them. I didn't understand at one time either. A group of people that love God and worship God as Christians are called to do. To many people's dismay, we don't drink poison and roll around on the floor. That always makes me giggle. We just love God so much and we feel so blessed and happy to commune with Him. We are under continual conversion and we grow each and every day by God's grace and love. I may have to write a page on this alone in the future.

We had 3 Bible readings after praise and worship. They all spoke the same message which was Jesus wearing the crown as King, love being the fiber that holds all virtues together, being wise and mindful of good conduct and loving God with worship and praise. These readings edified us and brought us in to a good discussion. We realized that we were so blessed to be able to worship God and feel his presence amongst us. I spoke of Ignatius and Polycarp and their great courage and example. So much I have learned as I make posts in this blog about them. Thank God for my faith family. 

These Prayer Groups started for me back about 7 years ago and it was the cause of a great turn around for me in  my faith. We all experience things differently and this was what I needed. This "doubting Thomas" got a 2 X 4 over the head. I was awakened and had been asleep for a very long time. Then the Early Church Fathers that really painted the Catholic Church in all it's glory and teachings sealed the deal. Makes me smile to reflect that this journey has bared many fruits. Thank you Jesus and those that came after you!


Mindi said...

"This journey has bared many fruit." Your tree overfloweth, young lady, how profound. Mindi xo

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

@Anonymous- I appreciate you taking the time to come by and visit. Always something to learn here, I hope! Blessings, Karen