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I am a cradle Roman Catholic, that always had the knowledge of God. I, however, did not have a relationship with him and thus, was empty inside. Now through asking him to come into my life and going to prayer groups etc., I have had a renewal in my faith. Protestants may call it being "born-again". I now find what I thought was a BORING Mass to be the ultimate enjoyable experience that brings me closest to our Lord....besides of course Eucharistic Adoration, which is awe inspiring. The Church Fathers took me deeper into my faith which is when I came back completely-like a boomerang, thus my blog title. I understand why I am a Catholic/Christian. It is not just a religion. It IS God, it IS love. I might not be an English scholar and you might edit me in your head. But, I do have something to share and I hope you will join me on the journey and maybe discover something new to think about. Blessings+

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I would name my next child after this man

Ignatius would be the name of my next child if I were to have one. He is another reason why I understand my Catholic faith more. Brave and elderly, was he, as he took a long torturous walk to his death. Not wanting anyone to stop him from being chewed up and grinded like bread by the lions jaws that awaited him in the Colosseum in Rome in 108 AD. He was willing and happy to die for Christ. As a Bishop he wrote 6 letters written on his way there (one to Bishop Polycarp).

The Bible contains letters to the Romans and the Ephesians and Ignatius writes to these people too.
He writes -avoid heresies and to follow the priests and bishops of the early Church.

He speaks of the value of the Eucharist (bread), to the Ephesians:
" you come together man by man in common through grace, individually, in one faith, and in Jesus Christ,...so that you obey the bishop and the presbytery with an undivided mind, breaking one and the same bread, which is the medicine of immortality, and the antidote to prevent us from dying, but [which causes] that we should live for ever in Jesus Christ."

He also is the first to mention the word "Catholic" ' in his writings to the Smyrnaeans:
"Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is not lawful to baptize or give communion without the consent of the bishop. On the other hand, whatever has his approval is pleasing to God. Thus, whatever is done will be safe and valid"

I just love the fact that he was taught by John the Apostle, who was taught by Jesus himself and that he taught many what he had learned. I am unable to have another child,but, maybe one day one of my children will pick the name Ignatius for a Confirmation name. As this is the name of a man with a  fervent desire for truth and love for God and his people!
Something to meditate on : Do you have courage like this holy bishop?

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