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I am a cradle Roman Catholic, that always had the knowledge of God. I, however, did not have a relationship with him and thus, was empty inside. Now through asking him to come into my life and going to prayer groups etc., I have had a renewal in my faith. Protestants may call it being "born-again". I now find what I thought was a BORING Mass to be the ultimate enjoyable experience that brings me closest to our Lord....besides of course Eucharistic Adoration, which is awe inspiring. The Church Fathers took me deeper into my faith which is when I came back completely-like a boomerang, thus my blog title. I understand why I am a Catholic/Christian. It is not just a religion. It IS God, it IS love. I might not be an English scholar and you might edit me in your head. But, I do have something to share and I hope you will join me on the journey and maybe discover something new to think about. Blessings+

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Want to lose weight and be fit?

Anyone wanting a workout? My sister can tell you something about that, as she is an avid runner. Me- I can tell you how I get a workout by going to a Catholic Mass. Yes, I get to pray, worship and get a workout all at the same time. But, all joking aside, I never quite understood it. I always laughed with others as we would comment on how strange and funny it was going to a Catholic Mass, to go through an exercise regime. How could I not laugh back then? I mean it seemed foolish to me, going from one form of posture to another. As the video above mentions we change positions 15 times! That is a fair bit of movement in an hour. I  now admire the elderly getting up and down with their arthritic knees-God bless them!

Years ago, when I went to Church at Christmas/maybe Easter, I would sit further back so that I would not look stupid. Last thing I wanted, was to be going from standing to sitting, while everyone else goes down on their knees to pray instead. That would just look stupid, right!? I sit near the front now, but that happening only after many trips to Church every Sunday, getting to understand the rhythm and sequence. I found it illogical however, so my nature was find out why. So, I Googled "why do CATHOLICS kneel etc." I then found answers.

Simply put, let us go first with the analogy of being at a wedding or an important event where you are sitting awaiting the arrival of the guest(s) of arrival into the room. What do you and others proceed to do when they arrive? You stand right, as a sign of respect. Well, so do we as Catholics during the reading of the Gospel, when we say The Lord's Prayer and also when we sing to God (praise and worship).

We kneel when we are in prayer (giving thanks or asking for forgiveness). Also, during a moment that is sacred such as when the Host (the bread) is being consecrated (the prayer given by Jesus is said by the priest to turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ) during the Mass.

We sit when we are attentively listening during the Homily (when the priest instructs and explains the Gospel reading in a way that is relevant to our times so that we may understand deeper the word of God). I am sure I was told all about this, during Sunday school. But, I must not have been listening/it did not matter to me then.

This may seem overwhelming and hard to grapple with, seeming all so technical and complicated. I swear, it really isn't. It just takes time and allowing yourself to get comfortable with these wonderful  traditions passed on from the beginning of the Church's inception. Mentioned time and time again in the bible and in the writings of people throughout the life of the Church. It has only been the last few years that I have really seen how it all makes perfect sense and it is very natural and meaningful to me. There is purpose and meaning to what we do as Catholics, at least finally to this one. But, we can all just do these things habitually without it holding any meaning and that is where it looses its special purpose. As the famous St. Therese said "Jesus does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, or even at their difficulty, as at the love with which we do them"


Clyde said...

Karen, I am really enjoying your blog. I must admit that I am not really a "blog kind of person", but I find it stimulating and thought provoking. It gives me a different perspective on what you are thinking and learning. We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we don't stop to understand what our spouses are going through in their journey. We get the overview of what is going on but when I read your blog I have more time to digest it. And I believe it is very informative to those seeking more knowledge of Catholicism in layman's terms. Keep up the great work!

Karen said...

Thank you Clyde. I appreciate your input and time you take in reading these posts. It clears my thoughts on things as I confidently strive forward in our faith:)